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What to expect from an online conversation class

English conversation classes are one of the most popular parts of English Conversation Online because that's where you get to speak and hear natural, everyday English. Group classes, are a relaxed environment where you meet and chat in English with students who share similar goals. If you prefer to talk to one of your favorite teachers, one-on-one, you can do so in our private classes. If you've ever used an online messaging client like Skype then you already have a good idea of how the speaking and listening elements of a virtual classroom work. What you may be less familiar with is the interactive visual interface.

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Business English Modules

If your aim is to drive your career forward, you've come to the right place. Let your Business English skills be what sets you apart from the crowd. English Conversation Online will equip you to be flawlessly fluent and crisply confident in any workplace scenario. Don't just survive...reach your full
career potential!

Is your goal to survive work or do you want to thrive? For you to reach your full potential, mastering professional English is crucial. Whether you need to lead negotiations, speak at work functions or conduct meetings in perfect English, you'll find that English Conversation Online prepares you to succeed.

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Change your dreams to reality.

Whether you are preparing for the TOEFL or studying for the TOEIC your success on these English exams would be a boon to your career. Our English learning program focuses on giving you the tools you need to succeed. Many English Conversation Online students have improved their English test scores by up to 40% in our courses. You can be the next one on your way to a more rewarding career by proving your business English skills through a level test.

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Crammer or Intense Revision Lessons

crammer [British, old-fashioned informal]
"a school or a book which helps you to learn quickly"

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Michael Bolton FCMA CLU TESOL

CEO & Founder

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Learn With The Best

As you try out your new English speaking skills, the right kind of encouragement and guidance is crucial. That's what you get from our English teachers- English Conversation Online has ONLY native English speaking, skilled bilingual, and certified teachers. They are carefully selected and trained to help you achieve results, supporting you to make remarkable progress in speaking and listening to English in a natural context. 

And because we have extensive resources for your English language development, our teachers are located all over the world. Classes start every hour on the hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Once you've signed up for an English speaking course at English Conversation Online, we're here for you all day, everyday, so you can learn to speak English whenever you please. Your schedule is our schedule, so whatever suits you, suits us! Now that’s flexibility you won’t find anywhere else.

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